Commerical Law

Commercial Law covers most business legal requirements. It might be advice on what kind of structure you should use for your business. You’re likely to need some help when you buy or let your premises or selling your business when you retire. We can help you at every stage of the process.

Business structures

When setting up in business, one of the first things to decide is what kind of business “vehicle” is best. If you’re on your own, you might look at setting up as a sole trader or, if you want some added protection, as a limited company. When you’re going into business with another person or other people, you have additional options of forming a Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership.

As you would expect, there are pros and cons with each of these, both from an  operations point of view and a taxation point of view.

We advise clients on which structure would be best suited for their business.  We’re also happy to work alongside other professionals who will also provide advice in this area.

Business Premises

When you want to acquire or dispose of your business premises, we can help. We deal with many purchases and sales of commercial property from our clients. Some clients wish to lease their premises rather than buy them and, again, we can advise on all aspects of the commercial lease. We act for landlords and tenants of commercial property – but not in the same transaction! We are frequently involved in the process when a commercial lease is assigned.

Business acquisitions and disposals

Buying or selling a business can be complicated. There’s a need for attention to detail. You need to decide if you’re buying or selling just the assets or the actual ownership of the business. Then there’s whether there are any licensing issues and, if there are, what consents are needed. We’re here to help you every step off the way – so it’s important you contact us as soon as you’ve made the decision  to go ahead.

Commercial Law Solicitors in North East Scotland

We have solicitors in the firm who specialise in commercial and business law. Whilst we’re based in North East Scotland, we provide services across the whole of Scotland. If you need any help in this area of law, please get in touch with us.